October 3 - 6, 2019   Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile


Thursday, October 03

8:00 AM Breakfast & Exhibits
9:00 AM Symposium Welcome
William Gradishar, MD
Supportive Oncology and Special Populations
Session Chair: Nora Hansen, MD
9:15 AM Exercise for Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Lee Jones, PhD
9:45 AM Opportunities in a High-Risk Program
Melissa Pilewskie, MD
10:15 AM Managing the Toxicity of Immunotherapy
Jeffrey Sosman, MD
10:45 AM Impact of Local Therapy on Quality of Life
Shoshana Rosenberg, ScD, MPH
11:15 AM Questions & Answers
11:30 AM Lunch
Breast Pathology for the Non-Pathologist
Session Chair: Kalliopi Siziopikou, MD, PhD
1:00 PM Understanding the New HER2 Testing Guidelines
Kalliopi Siziopikou, MD, PhD
1:30 PM Common Diagnostic Problems in Breast Pathology Consultation
Sandra Shin, MD
2:00 PM Special and Rare Histologic Types of Breast Cancer
Jorge Reis-Filho, MD, PhD
2:30 PM Immunopathology of Triple Negative and HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
Ashley Cimino-Mathews, MD
3:00 PM Questions & Answers
3:15 PM Break
Challenging Clinical Cases
Session Chair: William Gradishar, MD
3:45 PM Challenging Clinical Cases Panel
Luis Blanco, Jr., MD; Reem Karmali, MD, MS; John Kim, MD; Jennifer Pincus, MD; Ami Shah, MD; Jonathan Strauss, MD; Carmen Williams, MS, CGC
5:00 PM Welcome Reception

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Friday, October 04

7:30 AM Breakfast & Exhibits
Diagnosis and Prevention of Invasive Cancer
Session Chair: Monica Morrow, MD
8:30 AM Genetics Update: Low to Moderate Penetrance Genes: What Do They Mean, What to Do?
Susan Domchek, MD
9:00 AM What’s New in DCIS?
Kimberly Van Zee, MD
9:30 AM RT Decision Making in DCIS
Beryl McCormick, MD
10:00 AM When Can RT be Omitted in Invasive Cancer?
Lawrence Solin, MD
10:30 AM Questions & Answers
10:45 AM Break
De-Escalation of Systemic Therapy to Avoid Chemotherapy in Patients with HER2+ Early Breast Cancer: Is It Possible and In Whom? Break
C. Kent Osborne, MD
12:15 PM Lunch
Management Dilemmas in Neoadjuvant Therapy
Session Chair: V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc
1:30 PM Current Strategies for Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Naoto Ueno, MD, PhD, FACP
2:00 PM Surgical Management of the Breast after NAC
Tari King, MD
2:30 PM Axillary Management after NAC
Andrea Barrio, MD
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Optimal Approach to Residual Disease after NAC
William Gradishar, MD
4:00 PM Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy
Ingrid Mayer, MD, MSCI
4:30 PM Approach to Radiotherapy after NAC
Thomas Buchholz, MD
5:00 PM Questions & Answers
5:15 PM Adjourn

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Saturday, October 05

7:30 AM Breakfast & Exhibits
New Approaches to Poor Prognosis in Breast Cancer
Session Chair: William Gradishar, MD
8:30 AM Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer: The Future is Now
Rita Nanda, MD
9:00 AM New Options for Triple Negative Cancer
Hope Rugo, MD
9:30 AM Surgery in Stage 4 Disease
Seema Khan, MD
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Nodal RT: Who Needs It, Who Doesn’t?
Timothy Whelan, MD
11:00 AM Questions & Answers
Breast Cancer, Estrogen and Aging: Implications for Survivors
Patricia Ganz, MD
12:15 PM Lunch
Common Clinical Problems
Session Chair: Seema Khan, MD
1:30 PM Choosing a Genomic Assay for ER+ Breast Cancer
Matthew Goetz, MD
2:00 PM Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Concept to Lives Saved
V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc
2:30 PM Advances in Breast Reconstruction
Hani Sbitany, MD
3:00 PM Questions & Answers
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Multidisciplinary Tumor Board with Audience Response Break
Moderator: Monica Morrow, MD; Confirmed Faculty
4:45 PM Adjourn

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Sunday, October 06

7:30 AM Breakfast
De-Escalating Therapy
Session Chair: Jonathan Strauss, MD
8:30 AM Conventional vs. Nipple Sparing Mastectomy
Monica Morrow, MD
9:00 AM Endocrine Therapy: Shorter vs. Longer
Virginia Kaklamani, MD
9:30 AM HER2 Directed Therapy: More vs. Less
Eric Winer, MD
10:00 AM APBI vs. Hypofractionation vs. Conventional WBRT
Frank Vicini, MD
10:30 AM Questions & Answers
11:00 AM Adjourn

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There will be no breakout sessions in 2019

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