October 11 - 14, 2018   Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile


Thursday, October 11

8:00 AM Breakfast & Exhibits
9:00 AM Symposium Welcome
Chair: William Gradishar, MD
Supportive Issues and Special Populations
Session Chair: Nora Hansen, MD
9:15 AM Scalp Cooling: A New Standard of Care?
Mikel Ross, RN, BSN
9:45 AM Breast Cancer in African Americans
Lisa Newman, MD
10:15 AM Lymphedema Management
Sara McLaughlin, MD
10:45 AM Diagnosing and Managing Skin Toxicity
Mario Lacouture, MD
11:15 AM Q&A
11:30 AM Lunch
Breast Pathology for the Non-Pathologist
Session Chair: Kalliopi Siziopikou, MD, PhD
1:00 PM Phyllodes Tumors in 2018
Andrea Barrio, MD
1:30 PM The New AJCC Staging System: Rationale and Clinical Application
Elizabeth Mittendorf, MD, PhD
2:00 PM The Immune Tumor Microenvironment in Breast Carcinomas: Pathologic Evaluation and Significance
Kalliopi Siziopikou, MD, PhD
2:30 PM Ki67: Is it Worth Doing?
Giuseppe Viale, MD
3:00 PM Q&A
3:15 PM Break
Challenging Clinical Cases
Session Chair: William Gradishar, MD
3:45 PM Challenging Clinical Cases
Confirmed Faculty
5:00 PM Welcome Reception

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Friday, October 12

7:30 AM Breakfast & Exhibits
Subtype-Specific Treatment
Session Chair: Massimo Cristofanilli, MD
8:30 AM All Triple Negative Cancers Are Not Created Equal
Stuart Schnitt, MD
9:00 AM Biologic Studies of Triple Negative Cancer
Lisa Carey, MD
9:30 AM Selecting Surgical Approach by Subtype
Tari King, MD
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Shout RT Approach Vary by Subtype?
Julia White, MD
11:00 AM Q&A
Immunology and Breast Cancer
Mary Disis, MD
12:15 PM Lunch
Issues in Young Women with Breast Cancer
Session Chair: Jonathan Strauss, MD
1:30 PM Imaging Strategies in Dense Breasts
Jennifer Harvey, MD
2:00 PM Management of Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer
Kathryn Ruddy, MD
2:30 PM Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy
Todd Tuttle, MD
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Optimal Adjuvant Therapy in Young Women
Mark Robson, MD
4:00 PM How Much of a Risk Factor for Local-Regional Recurrence is Young Age?
Meena Moran, MD
4:30 PM Management of Locoregional Recurrence
Monica Morrow, MD
5:00 PM Q&A
5:15 PM Adjourn

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Saturday, October 13

7:30 AM Breakfast & Exhibits
Unresolved Controversies
Session Chair: Seema Khan, MD
8:30 AM Neoadjuvant Endrocrine Therapy: Patient Selection and Outcomes
Cynthia Ma, MD, PhD
9:00 AM Genomic Tests for Adjuvant Therapy Decision Making: Which One is Best?
Harold Burstein, MD, PhD
9:30 AM Overcoming Resistance to Endrocrine Therapy
Ruth O'Regan, MD
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Re-Irradiation for Breast Conservation: Viable Option?
Douglas Arthur, MD
11:00 AM Q&A
A Frontline View of the Last 20 Years and Where We Go Next
William Gradishar, MD
12:30 PM Lunch
The Future of Breast Cancer Treatment is Now
Session Chair: Monica Morrow, MD
1:45 PM Why Is It So Difficult to De-Escalate Treatment?
Eric Winer, MD
2:15 PM Molecular Porfiling in Metastatic Disease: Standard of Care
George Sledge, Jr., MD
2:45 PM Primary Surgery of the Axilla Today and in the Future
Armando Giuliano, MD
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Multidisciplinary Tumor Board
Moderator: Monica Morrow, MD; Confirmed Faculty Panel
5:00 PM Adjourn

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Sunday, October 14

7:30 AM Breakfast
Identification and Management of High Risk Women
Session Chair: William Gradishar, MD
8:30 AM Predisposition Mutations 2018: What's New?
Claudine Isaacs, MD
9:00 AM Genetic Testing: What's Really Happening in Practice?
Steven Katz, MD, MPH
9:30 AM Screening High Risk Women: Stategies and Outcomes
Maxine Jochelson, MD
10:00 AM Surgical Risk Reduction: Approaches and Outcomes
Seema Khan, MD
10:30 AM Q&A
10:45 AM Adjourn

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Breakout Sessions offer 1.25 CME credits/session, cost $50/session, and have a limited number of seats. Sessions will take place in the Marriott Ballroom on the 4th floor.

Topics will be announced later this spring and summer as information becomes available.

*Lunch during the session is available for purchase at the Registration Desk for an additional fee.

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The Lurie Cancer Center's Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium offers 3.5 days of formal presentations and case discussions.


* Extra breakout session presentations will be available for an additional registration fee. Topics will be announced later this spring and summer as information becomes available.


The Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium is proud of its tradition of attracting a faculty comprised of experts from around the world. Faculty list


Optional, non-CME educational activities are scheduled during times that do not conflict with the Symposium agenda.

Topics will be announced later this spring and summer as information becomes available.

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